Thursday, July 26, 2007

Misty Becomes a Slave

I was taken 4 years ago, when I was 35 years old, I remember it well. As a crossdresser, I went to this one store to buy my outfits. The saleslady, Rena and I often chatted. One day she told me to drop by a little before closing,cause she had something special for me. I was told to wear my white hose and silver high heeled sandals. I told her "If I get a chance, i will". "If you come, I'll give you a surprise" she said.

I knew that I asked Rena if I could kiss her feet and though this might be what she meant. I drove to the store as directed by Rena. I wore a simple dress, white pantyhose and my silver sandals. Rena smiled as I walked in. She walked from behind the counter and I could see her sexy strappy sandals.

"Take this dress and go to the back room and put it on" said Rena. I took the dress and went to the back. It was a silver Lame' dress with sexy spaghetti straps.

I took off my dress and put the silver one on. Even though I had a slip on, I could feel the softness of the lame'. It felt wonderful. Rena started turning off the lights and I heard her tell someone, "About 10 minutes".

Rena and I left the store by the back entrance and walked to her van. It was quite dark and there were no lights on in the back lot. "Wait here, I forgot something in the store, be right back" she said. I watched her as she disappeared into the store. I did not hear the van door open but I did feel the hand that grabbed me by the neck.

I then felt something cold against my neck it was metal. "I have a gun at your head, If you want to live, then get in the van and lie face down, Scream or you are dead" the man said in my ear.

Out of fear I went to the van and layed down. "Put your hands behind you" said the man. I put my hands behind me and they were handcuffed, as were my ankles. "Open your mouth but do not talk" said the man. I was shaking now but managed to open my mouth, and a gag was put in and tied behind me. A Third pair of hand cuffs chained my wrists to my feet, and a hood placed over my head.

The man drove for hours and then we stopped. I heard the door open and he got out. Then the side door opened and he started to unlock my cuffed feet. "Don't move" he commanded. Next I felt something else on my feet and heard a clicking noise. "You should be able to walk in those" he said, as he lifted me out of the van. "Come with me girlie" he said as he walked me somewhere. My heels clicked on the pavement and my shackles clinked as I walked blindly with him. I heard him open a door then lock it behind us.

We went down a flight of stairs to a darkened room. The man pushed me to my knees. The man then spoke "You like to dress up in girlie clothes....Well, you are now my girlie sub slave." "You will call me Master and you will obey my commands or you will be punished and beaten" If you continue to disobey me, you will die a painful death. "There is no escape from here, and nobody even knows that you are here." "Do you understand me?" I nodded my head in understanding. "Your mouth and your ass are now mine to use as I feel fit." You will not wear panties or any other pantyhose except for what I buy you" "You will say the words Yes Master I hear your commands and I obey them" when ever I give you a command, do you understand me" I nodded that I understood.

The man spoke " You are now whats called a sub-slave, A sub-slave is lower than a slave. You have to earn the right to be called Slave, and you and only you will make the choice to stay a sub-slave to become a pure slave. As a sub-slave you'll be punished more and fed less than a slave, do you understand" I nodded my head in understanding.

The man now took off my hood and took the gag out of my mouth. Pull down your pantyhose and panties said the man. "Yes Master I hear your commands and I obey them" I replied as I slipped my pantyhose down my legs and pulled my panties down. "I will unlock your shackles and your arms so you can take them off" said Master, as he unlocked my feet restraints, and my wrist restraints from behind me but quickly locked my arms in front of me. After removing my left sandal, I slipped the pantyhose off my leg and pulled my pantie off. "Put your pantyhose back on your leg and then put this collar on slave" the master commanded.

After pulling my pantyhose up and putting my high heeled sandal back on, I took the collar a heavy metal one and put it on my neck. "You disobeyed me, and did not speak your words of submission" the master said, "For that you will be punished" "Bend over and look down" shouted the Master" "Yes Master, I hear your commands and I obey them" I replied as I bent down and looked at the ground. "Pull down your pantyhose to your knees", said the man. I spoke the words of submission and then pulled my white pantyhose down to expose my ass to him. I felt something being inserted in my ass, a cool liquid. Then the Master handed me a belt with a penis in it, "Put this on with the dildo in your pussy" said the master. "Yes Master I hear your commands and I obey them" I took the chastity belt from his hands, and inserted the dildo into my pussy ass and strapped the belt onto my waist. My master then took a lock and locked it on me. "Put your pantyhose back on" replied master. I spoke the words and put my pantyhose on.

Next I was commanded to put on my shackles which I did after saying the words my master commanded me to say. Next he led me to another room and told me to take off my dress and raise my slip over my head after my hands were uncuffed, and I was then chained to a post and gagged. "You are being punished for disobeying my commands" said the master as he started to flog my back with a whip. I screamed in terror, once, twice, three times. the gag kept me quiet as my master whipped me. I was whipped 7 more times until he stopped. "You are not done yet girlie....I gave you an enema before, and your chastity plug will keep you until I am ready to release you". "Now put your slip back on" he commanded as he unlocked my hands from the whipping post, and locked them behind my back after I had done so. "Now don't you dare relieve yourself in your pantyhose or so help me, you'll eat all that you shit out", the master said as he closed the door.

I was in pain for hours, my back was in agony and my bowels were screaming, but I could not go. I heard footsteps and the door opened and the Master walked in. He unlocked me from the post and locked my hands in front of me. "The toilet is in there" he spoke as he unlocked my chastity belt. "Use it and clean up, When you are done, come here, pull your pantyhose down to you knees and bend over, you will submit your pussyass to me ". I spoke the words of submission and walked to the toilet.

I was finally relieved to use to toilet and after cleaning up. I glanced at the room I was in, there was only one door and a small window that I could not fit through. He was right, there was no escape and I resigned myself to submitting to him. I was wearing my slip and pantyhose only as I walked back into the main room, where the man was waiting.

"Good, put your dress on and pull down your pantyhose" I spoke the words of submission as I slipped into my dress and pulled down my pantyhose. I got on my knees before him and faced downward. "Put your arms behind you" said the master. I did as he told me and spoke the words" My wrists were chained. "Now pull up your dress and spread your ass wide for me" the master said. "This will be known as position one, from now one" said Master. "Now will you submit to your master " he shouted. "Yes my master, I hear your commands and I obey them" I felt his cock enter me, slowly at first and I moaned at his touch. "silence slave he said" as he took the a gag with a rubber penis on it and put it in my mouth I was now gagged as he penetrated my ass further. In and out my master used his manhood on me. I felt my own cock get big and hard. Finally my master cummed and I felt the hot cum shoot up my ass. My master withdrew and noticed my hard cock. "So you like that girlie...well you'll be getting it for a long long time"

Day 2

I woke very late the next day and thought it was just a bad dream but when I could not move my hands and my mouth was gagged, did I realize it was not a dream at all. I was on my knees, with my legs shackled around a wooden beam. My hands were chained behind me. I was still wearing my white pantyhose and my silver heeled sandals. My welts on my back from the whipping were extremely sore as was my asshole and I could see a black belt around my waist and could feel a dildo in my pussyass. Since my legs and hands were chained I could not move. I tried to stand up, but could not, something was holding me down.

I don't know how long I was in that position, until I heard the door open, and I saw the man walk in. The man who kidnapped me, the man who beat me, the man who whipped me, the man who entered me and raped me, the man who said he owned me and called me slave, the man who was my master. "Ah, my little girlie sub-slave is awake" said the master. All I could do was to nod my head and lower it in submission. I noticed the master was carrying a box and white pantyhose, they were for me I surmised as I remembered what he had said hours earlier. "These are your new tights" said the master and he showed them to me. They were crotchless.

"Although you are not ready to wear them, you will notice that they will allow me instant access to your pussyhole at all times", said the master. The master then opened the box he was carrying. In it were another pair of high heeled sandals, also in metallic silver, but the heels were much higher than the ones I was wearing. Those looked like 6 inch heels with a strap that wound up the leg. "say hello to your new shoes" said the master "you'll be wearing these next week, along with your new dress and restraints that I ordered. "In the meantime, lets have some fun," he said as he walked behind me and unchained my leg irons from the wooden beam. Next my arms were removed from the beam, but my hands were still chained behind me. I was still gagged and still wore the chastity belt. "Stand up but don't look at me" replied the master. I stood up on my heels and lowered my head in submission. "walk to the far end of the room and stand near the table". I started walking and I could hear my shackles dancing on the cement floor. In front of the table was another wooden beam, several inches thick. At the base of the beam was another chain that was wrapped around it, and an open Master Lock was on it's end. How appropriate I thought.

The master walked behind me and I could feel him loosening the handcuffs around my wrist. When they were loose, he told me "Chain your leg irons to the post" The handcuff dangled on one of my wrists as I kneeled down and closed the lock on my leg irons. "Now stand up, and take off your dress and slip" I stood up and started to remove my dress, and then the slip. "Now put them into the drawer on the table and pull down your pantyhose to your knees and sit down over that bucket on the floor and pee into it like a good girlie" I did as my master instructed. The master than opened another drawer and took out a strange looking corset with holes in the front and sides. He slipped the corset around my waist, over my chastity belt and tied the straps together. This new belt not only covered my waist, but it came up to my breast as well. My hands were cuffed behind me as my master pulled on the straps and tightened the belt. I felt the air being pulled out of me as the belt tightened and squeezed my waist. Tighter and tighter the master pulled on the straps, I felt like I was going to be squeezed to death. Next the master tied the straps together and slipped another Master lock into the holes so I could not loosen them. My hands were uncuffed as the master spoke "Pull up your pantyhose, and put your slip and dress on" I did as the master commanded. Next he loosened my gag and allowed me to drink some water and eat some food.

Afterwards I was gagged again and my hands were tied with a new restraint, one made of leather which had a collar on it. The collar was tied to my neck and locked on. A leather strap went down the back to which my hands were tied and locked into. Finally the handcuffs were locked into place. The master unchained me from the table and I was taken back to the beam, where I was chained again and spent the next 4 hours chained and on my knees.

I was sore and in pain. My ass still had the dildo in it, the corset was squeezing the life out of me, I had to pee and my hands and feet were shackled behind me to a wooden support beam. Master came in and said, "Ah i see you're here,my girlie slave" . Like I was going anywhere I thought to myself. I heard the restraints being unlocked and my hands were then cuffed in front of me. Master loosened the corset removed my chastity belt and commanded me to sit on the bucket to relieve myself. I did as my master commanded me.

Master then removed my penis gag. Master commanded me to remove my dress and slip, which I did and I placed them into the drawer of the desk. "Move over to the other side of the room and stand next to the wooden pole in the floor" spoke master. I obeyed the commands of my master and walked to the pole and stood before it. The pole had 2 pairs of handcuffs on it, a set on top, 2nd on bottom and a chain at the top. "This is your punishment stand...when I command you to assume the punishment position, you will put your penis gag into your mouth and lock the strap tight around your head, you will kneel down and lock your legs into the cuffs with the lock side up and then stand and fasten your neck and hands in the cuffs at the top, also with the locks facing front" "Do you understand me" replied the master. "Yes master, i hear your commands and I will obey them" I said... "Good, then assume your punishment position" said master. I spoke the words of submission as I took the gag out of his hand and walked closer to the punishment pole.

I put the gag on and tightened the strap. Then I knelt down on one knee and took the first shackle into my hands, twisted it so the lock would face up and locked it around my right ankle. The silver shackles matched the color of the leg irons I was wearing and also my silver sandals. Next I put on the other shackle on my left ankle. Next I stood up and adjusted my stance. Next I attached the chain to my slave collar and lastly clicked the handcuffs over my wrists, one by one. I was now firmly attached to my punishment stand. Master came over and loosened the corset and my chastity belt and removed them. He then took the whip out of the drawer and started to flog me. Each time the whip struck me, I cried out but the gag silenced me. Five strokes became 10 strokes and then 15 strokes upon my back. I screamed in agony and was crying. Next I felt master pull down my pantyhose and he entered my pussyass with his cock. After what seemed like an hour, my master climaxed and I felt him shoot a hot load of cum into my ass. I was then unchained from my punishment stand and taken back to the first table and allowed to put my slip and dress back on. "Get on the table and lay down on your stomach" said the master. I obeyed my master and layed down on the table. Next my hands were tied behind me with the new strap and my handcuffs were attached. Next another pair of cuffs were attached to my hands and feet and I was hogtied and spent the night there.

I had a very uncomfortable night lying on the table hogtied. My back was in agony from the whipping I had received and my pussyass hurt after my master used me. I heard the door being unlocked and could hear the master enter the room. "Did you sleep well, my sub slave?" he asked. But since I was still gagged I could not respond. Master unchained my legs and chained my wrists in front of me. He removed the corset, chastity belt and gag. He commanded me to remove my dress, slip and to lower my pantyhose to my knees. Then he commanded me to squat on the bucket to relieve myself.

I did as my master commanded and spoke the words of submission. Next master put on my chastity belt with dildo and my corset and tightened the straps even more than before and locked it on. After having my hands uncuffed. I was commanded to put on my dress, slip and pulled my pantyhose up. Master then gave me food to eat and some water to drink. Then he gave me my new pair of high heeled silver sandals, they had 6 inch heels and had a strap that was tied halfway up the leg. I was commanded to kiss my sandals before putting them on and was instructed to do the same with my new pantyhose.I spoke the words of submission as I took the sandals from my master and kissed each one of them and placed them on my feet, one at a time, and tied the straps to my legs. Next came the little shoe restraints, that slipped under the heel of the shoe and around the top of it. A little master lock was then fastened to the top of the restraint. the shoe restraints prevented me from removing my lovely high heels.

Master handed me some leather leg cuffs that I also put on and locked them on my legs after speaking the words of submission to my master. I then put my leg irons back on my ankles and handed my master the key. Next he handed me a new collar, It was bulkier than the one I was wearing and It had the words "SUB-SLAVE" printed on it. He commanded me to take mine off, and put it around my neck and to lock the collar on with a small master lock. I spoke the words of submission and put the collar on. This one was extremely tight, but not enough to prevent me from breathing, and it had 2 wires protruding from it. I clicked the lock onto the collar securing myself to his ownership. Afterwards he chained my wrists behind my back and led me outside for the first time since I was taken.

My shackles clinked on the floor as he led me up the stairs. After opening the door, I could see daylight. It was cloudy outside as Master led me into the yard. I could see the van that brought me here parked outside. There was a large fence that was about 10 feet high and it went completely around the place. Outside it were trees as far as I could see. Master walked me over to the fence and I could see it was a wire fence, designed to keep animals and people out. It would be very difficult to climb the fence while wearing high heels, even worse with shackles on. Master commanded me stand near the fence, and I obeyed him. Beyond that fence was a clearing, about 50 feet wide, and a smaller fence in front of it. Master opened one of the gates in the fence and he led me outside. In his hands he had some kind of box, like a tv remote, but it only had one button on it. Master walked 10 feet away and then pressed the button on the remote. Instant pain shot at me from the collar on my neck.

My hands were tied behind me and all I could do was fall on the ground in agony. Master pushed the button and the pain stopped, he spoke "you are in an electrified area that stretches over 200 feet, beyond that are dogs and bears that will rip you to shreds..." "You are my sub-slave, you will obey me and serve me." "I will love you back and treat you like the woman you deserve to be. I will buy you expensive clothing, shoes, and jewelry... but you will be punished if you disobey me" "otherwise you will die, right now!" "I am giving you a choice, If you wish to be my sub-slave and live, then kneel before me and put on your new slave collar and lock it on, otherwise prepare to die" Master than unchained my hands. I bowed down before my master and took the new slave collar from him. With trembling hands, I fastened it around my neck, over the electric collar, tightened it and locked the collar on. I spoke "Master I wish to serve you as your sub-slave" The Master spoke "I am pleased my sub-slave, that you will serve me"..with that, he led me to the van.

He commanded me to get inside and sit in the back, Master then locked my wrists behind me and attached them with a short piece of chain to my shackles. My corset and dildo were then removed. I was then blindfolded and Master drove the van for about a half our. After we stopped, the van door was opened and my wrists were unchained from behind me, but chained in front of me after a second or two. The connecting chain to my shackles was taken off as was my blindfold. I was led out of the van. We were parked in front of an old wooden shack that said 'Tattoo's". Master then spoke "sub-Slave, you're to go into the building and tell the man that you want the words 'Slave' in three inch letters tattooed to your left butt cheek, and in smaller one inch letters the words "Bare back only" underneath will pay him how he sees fit". "Yes Master I hear your commands and I obey them" I said and I walked to the door of the tattoo shack. I rang the bell and walked into the store. I could see 2 men in the store, and both of them looked up at me. I told the man what my Master had commanded me to do and they smiled. I was led into the back room, and told to lie down.

I pulled my dress up and my pantyhose down to allow the artist to do his work. The needle hurt as the words SLAVE were tattooed into me. After he was finished I was told to kneel on the floor as I was to pay for his services. I felt his stiff cock enter me as one of the other men pulled down his pants and stuck his cock in my face. "Eat this Bitch" he said as he put his cock in my mouth. I had two cocks in me, one in my ass and the other in my mouth. Suddenly I felt both cocks begin to cum, the one in my mouth shot what seemed like a gallon of cum deep into my throat as I rode out the other cock that was pounding my ass. I layed on the floor for a few minutes after being fucked, until Master came and got me. Master then took me home, and plugged the wires from my slave collar into a wall socket to charge the batteries.

After being taken home,I was allowed to rest for a few hours, then Master introduced me to my punishment shackles. Unlike my regular shackles, which were larger and allowed me to walk in them, the punishment shackles were a pair of handcuffs that were attached to my ankles. I could not walk in my punishment shackles. I was to use wear punishment shackles when I was to assume my position at the flogging post. I spent the night in my punishment shackles with my hands chained behind me, after Master put my corset and chastity belt on me. Master then kissed me on the lips and said he was proud of me, afterwards I was gagged with my penis gag.

In the morning Master unchained my legs and chained my wrists in front of me. He removed the corset, gag and the chastity belt. He commanded me to remove my dress, slip and to lower my pantyhose to my knees. Then he commanded me to squat on the bucket to relieve myself. I did as my master commanded and spoke the words of submission. Next master put on my chastity belt with dildo and my corset and tightened the straps even more than before and locked it on. Next I put on my dress, slip and pulled my pantyhose up, and put my shackles on my legs. Master then gave me food to eat and some water to drink.

Next I was taken to another part of the basement, where behind a locked door was a ring set in the cement floor. A hole was in the floor, and a window at the top, to allow some sun light in, but you could not see into the room because it was mirrored. Master then commanded me to sit on the floor. This was to be my cell for some additional slave training. My slave collar was attached to the ring with a chain and it too was locked with a Master lock. A jug of water was on the floor and master said that I could relieve myself by using the hole in the floor. My master then removed my chastity belt and commanded me to kneel down, pull my dress and slip up, my pantyhose down and to submit to him. I obey the Masters commands and kneeled down and felt the masters cock enter my ass. I rode my Masters cock for what seemed like an hour before he climaxed and I felt his cock surge forward, shooting his love for me up my ass. After we finished Master chained me to the collar and left me for an hour.

When Master returned, he said he had something special for me but I would need to have my bowels cleaned out and afterwards wear only the special pantyhose that he ordered for me. Master also said that I was to be whipped, not for any type of punishment, but for enjoyment instead. He asked me if I would like to be whipped? "Yes Master, I hear your commands and I obey them I replied. I was then led out of the cellar, upstairs and outside to a barn that was also on the property. I was commanded to remove my dress and slip, but not my pantyhose. I spoke the words of submission as Master unlocked my wrist restraints and I took off my clothes. I quickly assumed my punishment position at the post and locked in leg restraints and my wrist restraints to the chains hanging there. Master then gave me 3 cans of beer to drink and when I was done he removed my corset and dildo. The master then whipped me 10 times and gave me an enema. I was then commanded to relieve myself in my pantyhose. I was then gagged with my penis gag. I remember peeing first, and feeling the warm liquid run down my legs and feeling it on my feet. Before long, the front of my pantyhose was soaked with yellow liquid and then my bowels relieved themselves and I felt the warm turds fill my pantyhose and drip down my legs.

I spent the night chained to the post, gagged and standing in my wet and soiled pantyhose and waiting for my master. Master returned in the morning, by that time my feet were sore from standing in my heels for hours, my back was in agony from the whipping and my pantyhose were soaked with my own piss and shit. Master hosed me off, and I removed the pantyhose after he took my shackles off, I cleaned myself up and kneeled before my master. Master gave me my new pantyhose to wear, they were crotchless and would allow master easy access to my pussyass. I kissed the pantyhose as I was commanded earlier and put them on. Next came the shoes, which I had also kissed. The shoe and ankle restraints and my leg irons were then put on one at a time, followed by my dress and slip, afterwards I locked my wrists into the restraint behind me.

Master then told me he had a surprise for me. During the night he had visited a website for slaves and masters and registered me as his slave. I was then assigned by them a number which I would wear for my master. Master showed me the number. It was nine numbers, comprising of 3 pairs of 3 digits. I would forever wear these numbers by having them branded into my skin on my butt Master handed me a piece of paper with the numbers on it and also a box of metal numbers and a metal branding iron. It was my choice, to assemble the brand and become a pure slave, or stay a sub-slave.

I was then led outside, to the back next to a fire pit. In the pit was a pile of wood, next to it was a cage, with restraints in it. a set for my feet, hands, and a chain for my neck. Master then handed me another piece of paper. it had words on it that I was to say to my master. "sub-slave, if you wish to become my slave, then follow the instructions on the paper. I knew that this was going to hurt, but I knew I had no choice. I took the paper out of my masters hand "Yes Master i hear your commands and I obey them" I responded. I looked at the numbers that were to be mine and I dumped the numbers out of the box and put them into the brand so they would be correct. Next i read the paper and did the following. I used a lighter to light the paper shavings in the firepit and made sure the larger sticks caught fire. When the fire was going, i put the brand into the flame with the handle next to the cage. I then crawled into it and locked my right ankle into the restraint followed by my left ankle. I then took the chain and attached it to my slave collar. My penis gag was placed on the bottom, next to the hand restraints. I then read the words on the paper "Master, i submit myself to become your slave by receiving of my own choosing, your brand. I will obey your commands without question and will serve you as your slave to the day i no longer live. I put the paper down, grabbed my penis gag, and put it into my mouth, tightened the strap and locked it on.

I glanced at the brand it was red. I took my left hand and locked it into the cuff in the cage. I took the handle of the brand in my right hand and gave it to my Master. I raised my slip and dress over my butt to protect them from being burned. Next I locked my right hand into the cuff in the cage. I was not wearing any panties and master had full access to my pussyass and my butt cheeks. He shut the metal door of the cage and put a master lock on it. The Master then attached a short chain to my slave collar and held on to it. He then grabbed the handle of the brand and positioned a few inches from my butt cheek. I could feel the heat from that distance. And with a single stroke of Masters hand, the brand, was pressed against my butt cheek. I screamed in agony. But the gag kept me silent. The brand was held against me for a few seconds, after which I passed out.. I woke up a short time later. Master had put a bag of Ice on my butt to cool off my branded flesh. Then he held a mirror to me so that I could see his number on me. The left side of my butt showed the words Slave, bare back only and the right side showed my slave number. I was truly Masters slave and property now, and as a slave, I had no rights and I had to obey all of my Masters commands.

I was released from the cage the next day, given a new pair of $400 sandals and a new slip and dress. When Master spoke, I heard him say "assume position one" I kneeled before him, raised my dress and slip, my white suspender hose didn't have to be removed and I was fucked by my master. My ass was fucked and fucked and fucked, and I enjoyed it. I felt so feminine and so happy to be Masters slave.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sex in Stilettos

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Standing before the full-length bedroom mirror, I treated my reflection to an almost unjustly critical appraisal. My indecently short black leather dress clung for dear life to my every curve and went perfectly with my high heels, whorish fishnets and black leather jacket. It was the sixth outfit I had tried on in the last hour and the bed behind me was strewn with those I had already rejected as not quite right. For this, the most important interview of my life, I wanted to look as perfect as possible.

For once, I was glad Louise was on assignment for Erotimax films. She would have been very suspicious of my story of an appointment with a modeling agency and if she had any idea of what I was really up to, all hell would break loose. In the beginning, I had been flattered by my lover's possessiveness, taking it as a sign that she treasured me. That was before she gave up her job as a waitress, to embark on a career in porn movies. She made no secret of the fact that she loved her work. Whenever I criticized it, she took great pleasure in detailing who she had fucked or been fucked by before the cameras that day. Despite her unashamed promiscuity, if I were to even look at another girl, she would fly into a jealous rage. Our six-month relationship was becoming too much like hard work, but I lacked the courage to end it.

Forcing all thoughts of Louise from my mind, I decided I looked fine. Whatever our difficulties, I was not about to let the jealous bitch ruin my appointment with destiny.

"Some people call me a groupies' agent, but that sounds so sleazy. I prefer to think of myself as providing an entertainment liaison service."

The peroxide blonde in the smart scarlet suit was making what sounded like the standard speech for prospective candidates wishing to join Star-Connexions. Her name was Mandy.

"I pride myself on matching stars with suitable fans and moving beyond the cliched groupie image of stagedoor queens throwing themselves at the feet of their idols," she continued. "Having worked in showbusiness for several years, I know the requirements of the people I am dealing with and they know they can rely on my discretion."

"Basically, you select fucks for the stars," I grinned.

The glare in Mandy's blue eyes suggested she was far from impressed by my attempted witticism.

"Are you sure you're not working for some sleazy tabloid rag?" she demanded.

"You've done enough preliminary checking to know the answer to that," I replied. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be crude."

She glared for another moment, then returned her attention to the application form on her desk. "You describe yourself as a devoted fan of Tamella Van Diemen. The question is, just how devoted?"

I smiled. "I've been president of her fan club for the past three years. Seen her nineteen times. I was one of the chosen few at her very first show, in Rubberta Flax club. My home is a shrine to her. I've got everything she ever recorded. Bootlegs, rare imports, promos, you name it. Let me show you something."

Standing up, I turned around and tugged my clingy black dress up over my hips. My skimpy black lace panties had ridden up into the cleft of my ass, leaving creamy half moons exposed. Tattooed on my left cheek was a luridly colored image of the guitar toting rock vixen, thundering through the fires of Hell astride a saddled and harnessed figure with huge breasts and an equally impressive cock. Below the scene, the letters TvD were described in blood red gothic script.

"Very nice," Mandy commented, leaning back in her chair. "But Tamella has many similarly devoted followers." She swung her right foot up onto her desk. "Make believe I am your goddess. Show me the depths of your devotion."

Having been half-expecting such a request, I was only too glad to oblige. Bending over the desk, I kissed the pointed toe of her stiletto-heeled shoe. The shiny red leather was an almost identical shade to my lipstick and smelled intoxicating. I licked the sole, sucked the lethally sharp heel, then roamed my tongue slowly up her shapely, pale silk stockinged ankle. She was sitting in such a position that I had a tantalizing view up her short skirt. At the sight of a white lace panty crotch, I felt the swelling in my own panties become more urgent.

When my adoring tongue reached her knee, Mandy seized a fistful of my shoulder length raven black hair and led me around to her side of the desk.

"So, this isn't a wig!" she smiled.

"What you see is what you get," I answered, dropping to my knees at her feet.

She smiled. "I should certainly hope not, Justine. Tamella would not be impressed."

I knew exactly what she meant. I removed her shoes by gripping the heels between my teeth, then made love to her silk stockinged feet with my mouth. Though she retained her tight grip on my hair, she did not manipulate me in any particular direction. There was no need. We both knew where I was going.

My tongue glided over her long legs, rasping softly against the silk. The feel of the fabric and the heat of the lightly tanned flesh beneath was electrifying. As I finally neared my mouth-watering goal, Mandy raised her bottom from the chair and eased her skirt down over her slender hips. After I had pulled it the rest of the way off, she drew up her knees and hooked her heels in the arms of the chair, lewdly displaying herself for my pleasure. Her white G-string panties were plastered to the soaking mound of her sex, leaving little to the imagination.

"Come on bitch, eat me!" she purred, wrenching on my hair.

No point trying to pretend any longer that she was Tamella. Second best she might be, but her feminine love musk was still intoxicating. I sucked and kissed her through her panties, before boldly ripping the crotch with my teeth.

"Hey, watch it doggy!" she snapped, dealing me a stinging slap across the face with her free hand.

"Sorry," I mumbled.

Thrusting her crotch against my face, she commanded me to, "shut up and make me cum!"

For the next ten minutes, my tongue was buried in Mandy's hot slit, while I lapped and slurped noisily on her copiously flowing nectar. Her clit throbbed like a miniature cock and was sufficiently prominent for me to grip between my lips and suck, just like it were the real thing. She responded by squealing in ecstasy and thrusting against my face, as though intent on ramming her little 'lady cock' down my throat..

By the time I finally rose from the feast, my face was slick with her juices and my lipstick smeared over my chin. Now, it was Mandy's turn to pleasure me. Her ruby glossed mouth looked capable of working magic, but she chose to use her feet instead. Without rising from her chair, she hooked her right foot in the hem of my dress and hiked it up to my waist. My panties could scarcely contain the tumescence of my cock.

"Don't be shy, let's have a look," she said, softly. "Hmmm, not bad, though hardly the stuff of wet dreams. Lucky for you Tamella isn't a size queen. Get your tits out."

While I duly unzipped my fringed and studded black leather jacket and rolled my dress up above chest level, Mandy squashed my stiff cock between my belly and the sole of her foot. For this special occasion, I had decided not to wear a bra. Proudly, I exposed my pert, firm breasts, a small gold ring glinting in both stiff nipples. Next to going to Tamella's very first show, starting the hormone treatment had been the best decision of my life. Perhaps one day, finances and courage permitting, I would go the whole way to womanhood.

Mandy hooked a finger of each hand in my rings and forced me to lean forward, so that our faces were only inches apart. At the same time, she moved her foot slowly up and down, in a masturbatory shuffle.

"So, you think you've got what it takes to be Tamella's plaything?" she purred.

"Oh God, I hope so!" I gasped. "There's nothing in the world I want more than to please her. I would do anything for her."

Mandy smiled, increasing the cock crushing pressure of her foot. "Anything?"

I nodded. "Absolutely. I'll be her slave, her dog, her fuckslut, her toilet. For her pleasure, no sacrifice would be too great." I shuddered violently. "Ahhhhhh.. . I'm cumming!"

My cock trembled and thick globs of cream spewed over her foot. She continued to pump me until every last drop was spilled, then ordered me to kneel and clean up the mess I had made. Only when all trace of semen had been sucked from her stocking was I permitted to stand up again. Audition completed, it was back to business.

"Last chance to change your mind," said Mandy, zipping up her skirt.

"No chance," I replied. "I worship Tamella. Nothing could give me greater

pleasure than to prove my devotion. You're not going to tell me I'm not good enough, are you?"

"Just making sure," she answered. "I've already drawn up a contract, on Tamella's behalf. The terms are non-negotiable. Once you sign, there's no turning back."

I studied the document she handed to me, my eyes making straight for the terms and conditions.

"Tamella is one of my most valued clients," Mandy explained. "Should you fail to live up to expectations, or displease her in any way, she will instruct me to punish you in the manner of her choosing. I must stress that she is an extremely demanding mistress and I am an expert in administering pain. Unless you are a hardcore masochist, you would be well advised to tread carefully. Any questions?"

"Got a pen?"

I returned home, late that evening, braced for a confrontation with Louise. I had no intention of telling her where I would be tomorrow night and had still not managed to conceive a credible excuse.

My lover was home, but not alone. Seated on the couch, sipping a glass of red wine, was a slender and strikingly attractive girl, with closely cropped blonde hair. Though she was wearing makeup and high heels, the bulge in the crotch of her cream silk body stocking left no doubt as to her true gender. It was bad enough that Louise should taunt me with details of her infidelities, but bringing a lover home to my apartment was the last straw.

"Who are you?" I demanded.

"Chris," the blonde replied, not in the least bit nonplussed by my arrival. "I'm a friend of Louise.

"Where is she?"

"In the shower."

Before I could utter another word, the girl in question strolled into the room, a towel slung casually over her shoulder. She was completely naked, her cock swinging at half-mast.

"You're back," she greeted, obviously none too pleased to see me.

"What's going on?" I demanded.

"I'll leave that to your fertile imagination," she replied. "Actually, I had hoped to have my bags packed and be gone before you got back. But Chris and I got a little diverted."

"You're leaving me!" I exclaimed.

"Very observant," she smirked. "Well, don't you have anything to say?"

If she was expecting me to beg, she was in for a shock. Since my successful interview, I felt like a new girl. She could not possibly realize how relieved her announcement made me feel.

"I shall be spending tomorrow night with Tamella Van Diemen." How sweetly that sentence rolled off my tongue.

Louise laughed. "Of course you are, darling. And I'm going down on the pope in my next video."

"He must be one of the few you haven't done already," I shot back.

"You are such a fucking pathetic little schoolgirl!" she snarled. "I don't know what I ever saw in you."

"Will you do something for me?" I asked, in my best pathetic little schoolgirl voice.


"Finish packing and get the fuck out of my life."

To describe Tamella Van Diemen as beautiful would be akin to calling the Mona Lisa an old painting. The Dutch/American rock queen was the living embodiment of slender, long-limbed perfection. Her most notorious song, 'Sex In Stilettos', was the most appropriate anthem any songwriter had ever penned.

My heart was pounding faster than one of her high voltage hits, as I watched her emerge through the stage doors at the rear of the arena, flanked by a quartet of muscular bodyguards. A small troupe of autograph hunters called out in vain, from behind a protective cordon of rope and male muscle. True to her arrogant reputation, Tamella did not even acknowledge their presence.

Only moments earlier, she had stepped off stage, leaving an ecstatic audience baying for more. Perspiration glistened on her dusky skin. I was delighted she had not paused to mop her brow, much less change out of her stage outfit. This was the goddess of my wet dreams, in spike heeled thigh boots of shiny black rubber and a matching creation of studs and straps that was a cross between a harness and a very revealing dress. The peak of her studded leather cap was pulled low and her eyes hid behind reflective wraparound shades.

A bodyguard pulled open the door and she slid into the back of the white stretch limo, where I waited like a virgin on a sacrificial altar. The only drawback of being her post-performance entertainment was that I had had to miss the show, in order to be ready and waiting for her. However, the smell of her fresh sweat alone made that considerable sacrifice worthwhile.

A mirrored screen separated us from the chauffeur and the dark glass of the windows was impenetrable from the outside, so we were completely alone. I felt her studying me intently, as she reclined in the seat opposite. In accordance with Mandy's instructions, I was dressed to thrill, in stiletto heeled shoes and a tiny purple rubber skirt that stopped well short of the tops of my seamed black silk stockings. The upper half of my ensemble consisted of a lacy black bra and a waistcoat that matched my skirt. A diamond encrusted gold ring dangled from my navel. If the outfit looked half as sexy as it felt to wear, Tamella would surely eat me alive.

"Struck dumb or just shy?" she said finally, her voice soft and deliciously smoky.

"Awe-struck, actually," I replied.

"Well, pull yourself together and fix me one of my specials," she snapped. "Giving ten thousand fans an orgasm is thirsty work."

A little test, I realized. Only a true Tamella devotee, who paid attention to the most trivial facts concerning her idol, would know about her "special" - a potent cocktail of rum, vodka, Tia Maria and tomato juice, with a hint of Bailey's Irish cream. She called it a Turbo Lover.

The limousine bar was amply stocked. After I had carefully mixed and stirred the cocktail in a tall glass, I presented it to Tamella. She took a sip, then shook her head.

"Not quite finished. Needs a dash of hot cream."

I knew at once what she meant and cursed myself for lacking the courage to have taken the initiative unprompted.

Sliding from the black leatherette covered seat, she knelt on the carpet and held the glass between my thighs. As hastily as I had ever exposed myself, I tugged my black silk panties down to my knees and tugged my cock from under my skirt. The closeness of my heroine ensured it was already fully erect. Gripping the hot shaft in my right fist, I pumped it aggressively for several minutes, until my hot, thick cream spat from the slit and into the blood red cocktail in Tamella's glass. When the last drop had been spilled, she stirred it with a long finger, sucked it clean, then took a large sip.

"Perfect," she smiled, licking her lips.

As she enjoyed her Turbo Lover, I busied myself with polishing every inch of her thigh boots with my tongue. Then, I moved upwards, to lap the sweat from her smoothly shaven armpits and the exposed upper halves of her large, firm round breasts. When I had finished, she pushed me away and raised her heels onto the seat. The leather strips that formed her skirt fell to either side. Her panties were made of interwoven narrow strips of studded black leather. Pink flesh peeked temptingly through the gaps. Sitting at her feet, I had a view to die for.

"Hey, slut, do you want to spend the night in my hotel suite?" she demanded.

"More than anything in the world," I replied.

"Then you'd better start showing you've got more than just eyes for me," she growled. "Otherwise, you may find yourself with a long walk home."

Followed by an appointment in Mandy's dungeon, she did not need to add. It was time to show her what I was made of. She raised her hips, as I reached for the waist strap of her panties and pulled them down over her rubber-sheathed legs. Her throbbing cock was as magnificent as the rest of her body. The area around it was shaven bare and a crimson heart tattooed in the place where her pubic curls should grow.

I did not waste time on words. There was only one way to praise such a gorgeous tube of girl meat. Tamella shuddered as I licked and kissed the shaven sac of her balls, then lovingly lashed her shaft with my tongue. Finally, I wrapped my mouth around it and effortlessly deep-throated the full, ten thick inches.

The responsive moans of the goddess, as I made passionate love to her with my mouth were sweet music to my ears. Urgently freeing her breasts from the straps that bound them, she squashed them together and raised them, so that she could tease her erect nipples with her tongue. With an artistry honed from years of experience, I coaxed her slowly to climax. A breathtaking deluge of hot, thick cream was the reward for my efforts. I gulped down every delicious drop, then licked her cock clean.

Afterwards, side by side on the warm leatherette seat, we kissed deeply and fondled each other's cocks.

"Fix yourself a drink, darling," she whispered. "It's going to be a long night."

I declined the offer, not wishing to wash the taste of her cum from my mouth.

Half an hour later, we were in her hotel suite. I had little time to appreciate the opulent surroundings, as we both had much more pressing bedroom matters in mind. By the time Tamella had stripped to her thigh boots, I was down to only my stockings and suspender belt and kneeling before her. She brushed my lips with her cock and smacked my face with the hot rod. But when I tried to take it in my mouth again, she pushed me away.

"Get on the bed," she snapped. "I'm going to bring a little color to your cheeks.

A moment later, I was crouched on all fours on the dark red covers of the queen sized bed, my rear end eagerly presented for punishment. Tamella took several instruments from a drawer of her dressing table. She warmed me up with twelve stinging strokes of a long, thin cane, then stoked the fire to fever pitch with a blistering salvo from a thick leather tawse, which left me begging for mercy. Ignoring my cries, she took up a cat o' nine tails and proceeded to vigorously flog me, until her right arm weakened from the exertions. By then, my buttocks and the backs of my thighs felt as if they were ablaze. Glancing over my shoulder at the full-length closet mirror, I saw the livid streaks branded on my tender flesh.

After the punishment came the pleasure. Crouching behind me, Tamella spread my throbbing cheeks with both hands and lashed at my anus with the tip of her tongue, causing me to shudder in ecstasy. When she burrowed up inside me, I almost climaxed.

"Such a sexy little hole!" she purred, probing me with a long finger. "It just begs for my cock."

"Oh yes!" I gasped. "Please fuck me! Fill me up with your big, beautiful goddess cock!'

She probed and licked me for a few moments more, then slid her rock hard shaft into my moist, fuck hungry orifice. She buried it to the hilt in my tight tunnel and I squealed delightedly, pushing backwards to meet her deep thrusts. Her semen-swollen balls smacked mine, at the end of each stroke. It was difficult to believe that this was not just a wonderful dream that I would at any moment awaken from. Here was I -Tamella's number one fan - receiving the juicy cock of my goddess in my asshole, my greatest ambition at last coming to fulfillment.

She rode me all the way to climax, shooting me full of her hot cream, my clenched muscles milking out every last drop. She remained inside me until her cock became flaccid. Then, rolling me onto my back, she wrapped her lips around my own swollen member. My passion was at such a peak that I climaxed almost immediately. Tamella swallowed my cum as greedily as I had gulped down hers.

For cumming so quickly, she decided I should be punished again. She could either report me to Mandy, or administer the punishment herself. The choice was mine. Naturally, I opted for the latter. To be punished by Tamella, no matter how severely, would be an honor.

I braced myself for another dose of whip or rod, but she had a much more fiendish method in mind. She handcuffed me to the bed, then ordered me to lift my legs as high as possible. She then used a pair of black silk scarves to bind my ankles to my wrists.

For the next thirty minutes, she proceeded to torture me with a feather duster, tickling the backs of my knees and under my breasts, where I was most sensitive, taking a sadistic delight in my tormented screams and breathless pleas for mercy. Frequently, she paused to feast on my cock and suck my nipples, but only long enough for me to brace myself for a further bout of tickling.

"Had enough?" she finally demanded.

"I can't....... take any....... more!" I gasped, tears streaming down my cheeks and smearing my makeup. "Please whip me, cane me - anything but that again!"

She smiled. "I think you've been punished enough for now. If I untie you, will you promise to be a good girl?"

"Yes, yes!" I answered. "I won't displease you again, I swear!"

As soon as I was freed from my ties, Tamella squatted over my face, offering her pink and puckering rear orifice to my tongue. I kissed, licked and sucked the sweet little hole, while she wrapped her cock in a fistful of my hair and masturbated. I would not have objected to a cream shampoo, but her semen was too precious to be wasted in that manner. When my tongue was aching from servicing her asshole, she moved downwards and squeezed her cock between my breasts. I raised my head, to savor the sight of her fucking my firm tits. Her climax splattered a pearl necklace around my throat, though I managed to catch a few globs on my outstretched tongue. I wiped up the remainder with my fingers and sucked them clean.

Later, she ordered a bottle of champagne from room service. While she drank from a glass, I licked trickles of champagne from her breasts. She then refilled her glass and dipped her cock in the sparkling golden liquid, for me to lick clean. Never had bubbly tasted more delicious.

Tamella's insatiable lust was infectious and neither of us slept that night. I repeatedly took her cock in both ends, loving it more each time. The only cloud on the horizon was the approaching morning, when I would find myself dismissed, my goddess ready to move on to her next show and her next conquest.

At the end of our marathon bedroom session, we enjoyed a long, hot bath together, after which I lovingly dried and powdered her, then treated her to yet another of my much complimented blowjobs. If I lived to a hundred, I would never forget how delightful she tasted. It was just a pity it had to end so soon.

"You know, Justine, I have another three shows to play in this country," she said afterwards, as we lay naked on the bed, locked in a tender embrace. "Then, I'm off to Europe. There'll be plenty of other sexy girls to get acquainted with, but I think I'd like to have you in my entourage. Of course, if you have other commitments.."

"Tamella, for you, I would cancel the rest of my life!" I cried, eagerly.

She kissed me softly. "I may not be quite that demanding, darling."

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My name's Kimmi and I used to be a stripper. I'm a genetic girl, and I always had a wild streak. Guys liked me 'cause of my long blond hair, slender build, and sense of humor. They also liked my 36C breasts :)

I danced at a place on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood (this is a true story, so I won't use the name). On the outside, it was a dive, but inside it was pretty nice. The stage was gorgeous, had a generous runway, and beautiful lights. I loved dancing there, and I loved working with all the fun people - especially the D.J. I also made friends with the boyfriends of one of the other strippers. The three of us used to hang out - and that's where this story starts.

I had worked a day shift - I got off at about 5 and wanted to go do something. My two buddies, Niles and Will, were there and they asked me if I had ever been to this little bar in the same strip mall as the club I worked in. I hadn't. It looked dingy and dark from the outside, and since I didn't drink, there hadn't been much to tempt me in I thought. They told me I should check it out.

So we go into this place - it didn't even have a doorman! - and my eyes have to readjust to the dark. There's a stage, but no one is dancing. They order drinks - and a club soda for me - and tell me to relax. I had noticed a twinkle in both of their eyes, so I knew they thought they had a surprise for me that they thought I'd like. So we sat down at a rickety little table and talked about our day.

After a while, this blond girl comes out of the bathroom, pushes a couple buttons on the jukebox, and starts dancing. And she is gorgeous! Shoulder length dark blond hair, with lighter streaks. A pretty face and a tight little bod. She had small, high breasts and round hips. Yummm! Niles and Will were grinning - they knew I liked girls, and they knew what I liked.

I started tipping this chick - I have made a few hundred that day, and wanted her to know I appreciated her. She was a good dancer, really good, and as the set progressed, she was finally down to pasties and a g-string. Man, she was hot. My buddies were laughing - they knew I liked girls, but they had never seen me so hot over one before. I just smiled and kept tipping her.

After the set, she disappeared into the dressing room, and I went to the bathroom. I was still smiling - this girl had my full attention. I felt good. I was washing my hands when the girl came in.

'I wanted to thank you for all the tips' she said in a soft voice.

'Hey, you're very welcome. I really like your dancing, and I think you're fun to watch' I told her. 'I also think you're quite pretty'.

The girl leaned over and started kissing me. I was startled, but after a second, I was certainly kissing her back. She smelled good. She tasted good. She felt good. I was in heaven! I stuck my tongue into her mouth and she sucked it with abandon. I started touching her breasts - she was just wearing a tiny little cover-up. I opened it - and guess what...

This beautiful, sensuous blond had an enormous cock! I'm talking bigger than any of the boyfriends I had fucked. And it didn't seem that odd, this giant cock poking out from these curvy, girly hips. It was fucking sexy as hell! I put my hand behind her head and kissed her some more. She was squirming just like when I kiss another girl, but there was more.

I started pressing my body against this delicious cock while we're making out in the ladies room. This horny little t*girl is rubbing her hard rod against me, at the same time melting against me in a very feminine, submissive manner. And it's driving me crazy. I forget we're in this sleazy bar in this nasty restroom. I push her against the sink and pull off her robe. She had taken her pasties off, and I began teasing the nipples of first one breast, than the other. She's leaning back, her chest thrown forward. And I'm teasing her hard tender peaks and making her moan.

So I reach down and start rubbing her cock, while still stroking a nipple. I look at her and her eyes are closed, her nipples are so hard, she looks like my perfect lesbian dream girl, except for this big dick that I'm rubbing. And I just watch her wriggle and moan, as I masturbate her and tease her titties. From time to time, I lean over and suck on her neck, then pull back to watch this beauty's sexual arousal.

Finally I can't stand it - I have to see her shoot! 'I want you to cum for me' I tell her softly, stroking her hard, hard cock. 'I just have to see you shoot'.

'Oh, yes, please' she murmurs, pushing her hips toward my hand. 'I want you to watch'.

I kept stroking and she began moving her hips gently back and forth. I kept jacking her off with one hand, while I began tickling her shaved little balls with the other. First a squeeze and then a tickle. And her hips began to move faster. 'Oh, yes, baby' I told her, watching every delicious move. 'Cum for me'.

And then, with a gasp, this beautiful babe started erupting cum from her throbbing meat. I mean, what a load! It shot everywhere, lots of it, as I rubbed her cock and balls. She was gasping and thrusting her hips wildly. I don't think I've ever seen anything so exciting.

When she was done, we rinsed her off. She kissed me and put on her robe. We left the restroom together - I never knew how long we were in there. My buddies teased me about her coming in there with me, and never did believe that such a beautiful chick gave me my lesbian shemale adventure.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Librarian with a Cock

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I would go to the library on Tuesday's mainly because I was attracted to the librarian. I never really slept with women but for some reason she really turned me on. I guess it was her age, but I love older men and women (sometimes.) A few weeks ago I struck up a conversation and found out her name was Alice. Alice lived alone and spent most of her time at the library working and reading. I was determined to have those muscular lips around my cock no matter what I had to do. The funny thing was that there was something different about Alice, something I could not quite figure out. She seemed so strong and so powerful, her voice was slightly lower then most women I had met. She had beautiful legs and strong hands, I noticed this every time she got up to walk across the library. I would always find some question or problem that would require her assistance. Once her hand brushed mine and I got an instant erection.

After weeks of conversation and light flirting she finally agreed to go for coffee with me. I actually went home that afternoon and masturbated with just the thought of her powerful lips around my cock. I took a shower and just rubbed my hot cock in anticipation. We met at a local restaurant and chose some Margarita's instead of coffee. Alice suggested that the alcohol would loosen us up and make for better conversation and a more relaxing time. It took about two drinks for Alice to start talking about how lonely she was, and how horny she had been. She complained that most men did not find her attractive and she was never asked out. It was then I know that I was going to get what I wanted. We played footsy under the table and touched each others hands. Alice finally invited me over to her apartment, which was nearby. Once inside we headed straight for the bed and began hugging and kissing each other. I felt something against my thigh and looked down and saw the biggest cock I have ever seen! I was so hot and excited I just kept kissing Alice. Alice asked if I were open-minded and I replied Extremely, and we laughed. I knelt down and pulled out all of Al's rocket cock and started sucking on it. He exploded immediately into my mouth and it felt like a big gulp going down. One thing for sure, it had been a long time for Al. We moved on the bed and I stripped my pants off and pulled Al's head into my cock. Al licked my swollen balls and stroked on my cock with both of his hands. He wrapped his strong mouth around my cock, his tongue massaging my entire shaft. He started biting while sucking and the sensation was unbelievable, the slight pain of his teeth along with his hot strong oral hole going up and down my pole. I could not help it and started contracting into orgasm. I must have squirted a few pints of hot cum in his mouth because he swallowed for a few minutes. My cock was still swollen and hot and Al kept on sucking me until I was rock hard once again. Al started moaning and asked me what I wanted, what I needed right then and there. He said he would do anything to please me, of course that got me really hot and excited.

I told Al I want to plug his love hole, and he quickly turned over and pulled his tight ass apart. I could tell it had been a while for Al and slowly slid the tip of my cock in. I got the whole enchilada inside and started pumping for oil. It was not long before I struck gold and squirted my load inside Al's warm walls. We spent the rest of the night playing with each other and massaging each other to orgasm. I really enjoy my visits to the library, and in fact I now go three times a week.

Wild Adventure

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I was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway one day in my pickup. It was sunny, and beautiful, a perfect California day. Only problem was the traffic. You could barely move. Still, you could hear the waves and the gulls and I was feeling good.

I had noticed the blond in the convertible next to me. I could look down at her from the cab of my truck, and she was showing off her spectacular cleavage in a red bikini top. Her tits were big and full, and you could see them all the way to the nipples. Her wavy blond hair blew lightly around a cute face. I couldn't stop looking over.

We had been stuck next to each other for several lights when I noticed that she was smiling at me; she had noticed me looking at her. Well, what the heck! She was sure worth looking at. I smiled back. And I felt my cock growing hard.

She was something! Showing off all the skin that was legal, letting the sunlight tan and warm her throat, her breasts, her face, her hair. And looking down, I could see she wore tight little cutoffs that barely covered her crotch. I found myself imagining what color her bush was; a little darker, I fantasized, than the hair on her head. Framing, not quite covering, that pink, moist pussy. Small lips, I fantasized, all the while looking over at her. My hard dick was throbbing.

We were slowly inching toward one of those little canyon streets on the east side of the highway when she pulled to the right lane, and waved at me to follow her. I almost rammed another car to get behind her. I wasn't losing her, no way!

As we drove up the crooked street, I wondered what she had in mind. I reached a hand down and moved my penis into a more comfortable position, then rubbed up and down it a couple of times. I looked at her mouth, a little smile on her lips. I wondered how it would feel if she wrapped her lips around the head...

She was driving very slowly, flirting up at me. Then she reached a hand down and pulled one of her boobs out of her bikini top. She licked her lips and held her mound up suggestively, then tweaked the nipple. It was pinkish brown, not too big, but the center stood nicely. It hardened immediately when she pinched it. She smiled slowly and pushed it back in her top.

I was no longer certain where we were, and I didn't care. There was nobody around and we had basically left the houses behind. I rubbed the head of my cock through my jeans. I squirmed in my seat and undid the top button.

The girl in the convertable was driving no more than 5 miles an hour. She looked over at me and pulled off her bikini top in one fast motion. Her tits were as firm as they looked. They bounced a little, did not sag at all. I wished my hard rod was between them. Her breasts were awesome, the tender points facing straight outward.

She pinched one nipple, then the other. I thought, oh, what the hell, and opened my pants all the way so I could stroke my cock while I watched her. I was so hard, it slapped my belly when I pulled it out.

Somehow, she led me to a vacant field. She parked, but left her car running. I did the same, then waited. It was her game, though I was so horny I could hardly stand it.

After a minute, she began squeezing her breasts, pushing them together, then shoving them up toward her face. I was stroking my dick softly. I didn't want to ruin whatever was going to happen by cumming too soon. I just watched this hot chick stroke and play with her tits for me, just for me. Squeezing them, touching the nipples over and over.

Then she smiled up at me and squirmed out of her cutoffs. The motions involved were hot! She had to lift her ass off the seat, shoving her mound upward, causing her boobs to shake around. and I was right---her hair was darker than the hair on her head, though darker than I had imagined. It was shaved and - surprise! I could see a smooth hard cock!

I was shocked, but she was gorgeous and so feminine that the hard rod between her legs only emphasized her femaleness.

I opened the door of my truck and stretched my legs out. She looked at my hardon and licked her lips, then laughed. She put one foot up on the seat next to her, lifting her leg and exposing her for me. She reached down with both hands, stroking her meat gently to my eager gaze. She rammed a finger inside her ass, then pulled it out and began stroking her giant clit in slow, sexy motions.

I was going crazy! I pulled out my balls and began stroking them, while my other hand wrapped around my cock and moved it up and down. It was extraordinary, this hot blond slut masturbating her hot mancunt for me while I jacked my cock for her. I wanted to see her cum, I wanted her to really spread it for me and let go.

She was moaning a little now, and wriggling her tight little butt on the seat. She would alternate squeezing her tits and finger-banging her ass, all the while her other hand was teasing and rubbing at her stickpussy. Then she would spread her ass apart, spreading it wide enough for me to imagine my dick stuck inside it. Oh, man! I stroked my cock harder.

Her nipples were hard on their own now. Rock hard. Her eyes would close, then she would look over at me. My legs were stretched straight out of my truck, my hard meat pointing to the sky as I stroked and squeezed. I found my gaze pinned to that hot pink cock as she masturbated wildly, wriggling and thrashing and making little cries.

Finally, she lost control. I heard her yell: "I'm cumming!" It was the first time I heard her speak. But I didn't care--As I watched her wildly stroking her cock as it shot thick cum into the air, I felt my own control go and I started jacking off hard and fast as my hot cum exploded in spurts, cumming and cumming, draining my own balls.

A minute later, the girl was dressed. She smiled, waved, and peeled out. I took a minute, then got myself all tucked away, and zoomed back toward the highway.

I didn't find her, but that was okay. I had a great adventure!

Monday, December 4, 2006

two girls out on the town

Some of my best friends are transvestites. I met them at a nightclub in L.A. It was pretty famous back in the day. They had a drag and dinner show. Some very talented people worked there. Some actually lived their lives as women, but a lot didn't.

I used to hang around with Daniel. He was a very attractive man who also did a great Dionne Warwick. He also did the grand finale of the show - the woman to man transformation. I always loved that part - where he cleans off his makeup, takes off his wig, and becomes a very very handsome young latin man. It always brought down the house.

Anyway, sometimes he was also a pretty girl named Brittany. Brittany and I used to go to an exotic drag nightclub where the performers, pretty chicks with dicks, got naked to music. We also went shopping and dancing. We had a lot of fun. Some of us used to tease Daniel about Brittany, because while most of the TV's that worked with him wore exotic and sexy clothes when they went out as women, he wore conservative secretary-style clothes, and always acted like a perfect lady - even at the strip show. Go figure.

Anyway, one night I drove us to the club and Daniel (Brittany) got drunk. This had never happened before when I was with him, and a few of us gently teased him/her that the 'perfect lady' was perfectly drunk. She smiled at our hilarity, even though when she wobbled on her high heels, something she NEVER did when sober.

Well, somewhere during the course of the night, someone told Brittany that she could never pass as a real girl. This was silly, because you really couldn't tell, not even close up. But Brittany had gotten angry and hurt, and the evening had taken a turn. She asked me to take her for a drive.

I drive a convertable, and we eased the top down. I assured Brittany that I wouldn't go too fast (she was very particular about having her wig styled just so) and away we went.

A couple minutes of driving and, wouldn't you know it, some guy starts hitting on us (sike I said, Brittany can pass). And he's cute in a sleezy nightclub way. He came upon us at a light and said to us 'Hey, ladies, what are two fine chicks like you doing running around on a night like this?'

Well, I'm not into cheesy pickup lines, but Brittany starts flirting with him! 'Oh, not much' she answers. 'Just looking for a hot stud like you'.

I'm startled. Like I said before, usually Brittany is the perfect lady. I guess that alcohol was talking.

'Want to follow me to my place?' Lance Romance asks us.

And that is how I ended us at a strange man's apartment with an undercover TV.

Brittany starts making out with this guy at the door before we even have time to introduce ourselves. They are sucking each other's tongues and Brittany starts feeling the guy's nipples. Just as he's about to try to reach into her bra, she comes up for air.

'It'd make me REALLY hot if you could play with my friend's tits while you're kissing me' says Brittany.

'So THAT'S how she's gonna keep him from finding out she doesn't have tits' I thought, as the man starts feeling my boobs.

Brittany winks over his head at me, as she starts kissing him passionately. His hands quickly found their way into my bra. He was squeezing my tits and fondling them as Brittany sucked on his tongue and felt up and down his chest. Soon she had his shirt open and was working on his pants, the whole time kissing him passionately, wetly.

Next thing I know, Brittany has this guy's hard cock in her hand - a short step to her mouth. She was sucking him hard, while squeezing his balls. He's licking and squeezing my tits, and beginning to moan a bit. I'm leaning over him and watching her suck, her perfect lips coated with red lipstick, running up and down his swollen shaft. Occasionally I could see her tongue dart out and lick his purple head, then she would put the dick all the way back in her mouth, all the while careful not to disturb her wig.

After a while, the guy is ready to get off. He's making noise, his fondling of my breasts is a little rougher and more frantic, and his body is moving with Brittany's sucking motions. He is ready! And she knows it! He has NO idea that the beautiful brunette eagerly slurping his rod has a cock herself, and he wants to shoot his load.

Brittany starts making cooing sounds and looking in his eyes as she sucks his cock. She is squeezing his balls firmly, and rubbing them. And then it happens - dude begins to squirt his hot load deep in Brittany's mouth. She lets him - no, she makes him give her every drop, drinking it thirstily.

After it was over, we beat a hasty retreat - didn't want to get to know him, didn't want him to figure anything out. And Brittany told everyone about the guy that she sucked off while she passed as a real girl!

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